Protect Your Home From Invasion

How to Protect Your Home From Invasion

Late August is one of the busiest times for burglaries. With family vacations, and vacant homes, burglars see it as a prime time to invade family homes. While this is a frightening thought, there are steps you can take to protect your home from invasion.

How to Protect Your Home From Invasion

Lock It Up

While this may seem like the most obvious way to protect your home from invasion, studies show that 1 in every 25 burglaries will simply just walk through the front door. Make sure to lock up before going to bed and leaving the house. This includes securing windows, paying close attention to the ones on the ground floor. Also, avoid stashing a spare key in an obvious location. Under welcome mats and in hide a rocks are common places for crooks to search. Consider giving a neighbor a spare key instead of hiding it in plain sight.

Don’t Publicize Vacations

While it’s tempting to post all over social media about the trip you have planned for two weeks, it’s also a good way for burglars to know when you’re away from your home. Posting pictures and discussing it after you return is a smarter choice and won’t make your home an unoccupied target.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Knowing your neighbors is a good way to have extra eyes watching over your home while you’re on vacation. Let them know when you’re planning on leaving and how long you’ll be gone. It’s also wise to let them know if you’ll have a house or dog sitter coming in and out so they can expect to see a foreign car there. Crime tends to be lower in tight knit communities because neighbors are more likely to look out for each other.

Invest in Home Security

As you might imagine, burglars are most attracted to homes without security systems. It’s wise to invest in home security as it will protect your home and give you peace of mind. Avoid placing “Protected by ADT” stickers on your front window as it allows burglars information on how to disable or steal it. Placing a generic sticker will do the job without giving away any additional information.


Keeping your yard tidy will help protect your home from invasion. Overgrown trees and bushes act as hiding spots for burglars to camp out and study your patterns on coming home and leaving the house. It’s especially important to trim back bushes that cover a window so criminals can’t look right into your home.

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