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Health Benefits of Living Near the Water

Much of the Pacific Northwest is located adjacent the Puget Sound. Besides beautiful views, scenic drives, and fun water/beach activities, there are many health benefits of living near the water.

Health Benefits of Living Near the Water

Breathe Fresh Air

Breathing fresh air is one of the largest health benefits of living near water. Air exposed to water is charged with negative ions which helps your body absorb oxygen. Fresh air is known to improve alertness and lower stress levels. There is a reason that when you’re feeling overwhelmed or experiencing something difficult, you crave fresh air. And the reason why taking a walk in the fresh air helps your mood. Many cities located right along the I-5 freeway are minutes away from the Puget Sound, a perfect place to breathe in some fresh air.

Encourages Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle is another one of the largest benefits of living near the water. When you live near the water, many times you’re encouraged to participate in an active lifestyle. Paddle boarding, boating, water skiing, and simply swimming, are some popular ways to get active. Plus, if you live near a sandy beach, running and yoga on the beach are great ways to get active near the water. Additionally, hiking and running on trails near water are common ways to get active, especially in the PNW where you can often get water views and mountain views simultaneously.

Increases Vitamin D Levels

Sunbathing near the water offers vitamin D, a much needed part of a healthy body. Vitamin D offers us several health benefits, such as strengthening bone health, regulating hormones, and preventing diseases. Many times children are encouraged to take Vitamin D supplements to stave off Vitamin D deficiencies. So living near the water can help your children get the Vitamin D they need in a natural way.

Sleep Better

Sleeping is one of the most important aspects of life. It helps us recharge our batteries and begin each day with a positive mindset. Exposure to water is known to relax the mind and body unlike anything else. This is why many people like to sleep with white noise sound machines. Living near water helps dispute negative thoughts and helps clear the mind. And when you’re more relaxed, you’re able to fall into a greater and deeper rest. Good rest helps improve many areas of your life.

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