8 Things to Keep Handy on Moving Day

Moving to a New Home? 8 Things to Keep Handy on Moving Day

In the excitement of moving, it’s easy to find that you’ve packed everything away in neat little boxes, even things that are needed right away. To keep move in day a smooth process, consider keeping these eight things easily accessible on moving day.

8 Must-Have Items for a Moving Day Kit

Paper Towels/Toilet Paper

On the first day in your new home, it’s not guaranteed that unpacking everything before sleeping in a nice warm bed is a reality. What is guaranteed is that the bathroom will need to be used. The last thing I want to do is go to the bathroom and realize I’ve left my toilet paper stock in the U-Haul!

Keep toilet paper in your car and make sure it’s one of the first things you move into your new home. Along with toilet paper, paper towels can go a long way when you’re sitting on the floor in your dining room eating delivered pizza on moving day. Add these two items to the box titled “Keep Handy” and make sure it’s one of the first boxes you bring into your new home.

Phone and Laptop Chargers

If I just moved into a new home, I’d want to share the news with the world. I’d take a second to snap a photo of the home (or many photos of my new home) and upload them to social media or text them to friends and loved ones. People seeing my posts on social media would be commenting and asking questions, and I would probably engage with them several times during the day on social networks. What I might not anticipate is that all of the social media time might eat up my phone battery.

Include a phone charger in your “Keep Handy” box as it may be needed sooner than you imagine. The same idea applies to your tablet or laptop, or any other devices you’re likely to be using on moving day. We live in a “wired” world, so having the chargers and batteries you typically connect to every day in your “Keep Handy” box can be a life-saver.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

The average person burns over 4,500 calories moving into their new home. It’s important that the move in crew stays energized as moving day goes on, so significant progress can be made the first day. Remember that your new cabinets are not going to be full of snacks until you get a chance to stock them, and bring a few snacks in the “Keep Handy” box. The move in crew will be thankful and their energy will last longer on move-in day.

Pet Food, Leash, Toys, Bowls and Bed

In the hustle and bustle of a moving day, it’s easy to forget about your furry friends! Pack their crates, leashes, food, bowls and anything else they need on a daily basis in a well-marked box that’s easy to access right away. Moving in to a new home is exciting for you, but can be stressful and over-stimulating for your pets. Having all of their familiar belongings will help keep their stress level down.


Moving in takes a lot of repetitive movement, so make it more enjoyable with some upbeat music! Take a few minutes to create a playlist in Spotify, Pandora, or other music streaming service, or use their pre-existing move in playlists. Including songs that people can sing to will also add a sense of unity while moving in; think of a “Whistle While You Work” scenario.

Meds, First Aid and Personal Care Items

Your “Keep Handy” box is the best place to pack up first aid items like pain relievers and band-aids, any prescription medications you take and important personal care items like contact lens solution and your toothpaste and toothbrush.


Speaking of toiletries, shower items will be needed the first day in a new home. To avoid lugging around Costco size shampoo and body wash bottles, go to the drug or grocery store and grab some small to-go bottles. And don’t forget all of the other toiletries you need every day: razor, deodorant, skin care, hair products, make up, etc. Pack a small overnight bag with all of these toiletries and a change of clothes and put it with your “Keep Handy” box, so that you’re not stressed on the first night in your new home if you haven’t unpacked everything.

Broom, Vacuum and Cleaning Supplies

No matter how clean your new home is, as soon as you start moving in you’ll be tracking in dust and dirt. As you start unpacking you’ll likely have cardboard and packing peanuts to deal with. Moving your furniture around and putting your stuff away will bring a certain amount of dust and debris along with it. Keep cleaning supplies handy so that you can clean up as you go, wipe down cupboards and drawers before putting things away, and take care of any unanticipated spills or mess.

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