7 Dollar Store Items to Help Organize Your Home

7 Dollar Store Items Can Help Organize Your Home

When moving into a new home, it’s natural to feel like you need to fill up your empty spaces as fast as you can. You’ll move in with your own set of household supplies but you may not know where to store everything. A common tendency is to put things in random drawers and cupboards temporarily when you don’t have a permanent solution for these things.  But really, you’re just putting off work for another day.

Organize Your Home with 7 Dollar Store Must-Haves

Here are seven items you may be able to find at your local dollar store that will help you save where you can, organize your home, helping your money go further as you decorate your new space.

Collapsible Square Storage Bins with Handles 

Looking for a way to organize your home’s bookcases, shelves and closets? Foldable bins are stylish and affordable. These boxes can be used for school supplies, sewing supplies, kid’s toys, craft supplies or small books. These containers are also great for dorm rooms if your college kid is looking for a way to organize the small space they are given without getting rid of a bunch of stuff. These boxes have handles on the sides which makes them easy to bring down from top shelves. The grey and black color of the box allows the box to add to a room while also being functional.

Clear Plastic Multi-Compartment Storage Trays with Lids

You can use these containers to organize your home in nearly every room of your house. Great for organizing your office drawer so you can quickly find that paper clip you’ve been digging for. These trays also work well in your garage separating different sized screws and nails. For the tea savvy folk, flip the tray vertical and you have an organized tea holder. For the bathroom, you can organize your Q-tips and cotton balls. And the cherry on top, they can be used to organize candy and put into a larger gift basket. Because these trays are clear, you can easily see what is inside of them.

Food Storage Containers with Clip-Lock Lids 

As the name suggests, this container keeps any kind of food fresh and dry. How many times have you reached the bottom of the pancake mix and you can’t quite fit the measuring cup near the bottom of the box? With this contain you are able to simply open the lid and scoop with ease. Using these containers helps organize your pantry to get rid of odd shaped boxes and helps keep food fresh. Just make sure to label each storage containers so you don’t actually put a cup of salt in your baked good instead of a cup of sugar.

3M Command Basics Damage-Free Adhesive Plastic Hooks

The best part about Command hooks is that they don’t damage your wall once you take them down. This specific command hook is engineered to hold up to 2 lbs and can be used for a number of items. Stick a couple of these up in your bathroom and you have towel hooks. Want to hang lights in your home without hammering nails into your wall? Command hooks are the answer. You can even hang pictures and canvases on the wall using these hooks without damaging the paint.

Under-Cabinet Shelves

These wire shelves are meant to increase storage capacity of your cabinets. If your cabinets did not come with built in shelves, or you find yourself needing more storage, these cabinet shelves could be for you. The shelves are great for stacking plates, cups, bowls, Tupperware and much more. These shelves are also handy when it comes to storage in your garage. Place small things in cabinets, stack these shelves, and put more garage items on top.

Multi-Compartment Organizer Cases with Handles

This 9 compartment container is a scrapbooker’s and jeweler’s dream! The compartments neatly organize stickers, beads, and jewels without creating a nightmare of having to re-organize later. This container is also great for those who collect small trinkets whether it be rocks, shells, marbles, etc. The container is clear which makes it easy for you to pick out exactly what container you want to pull from.

Adjustable Over-the-Counter Towel Bars

If your dishwasher, refrigerator or oven does not have a built in towel rack, don’t fret! This clever design transforms any cabinet door into a towel rack. The best part is that you don’t have to drill any screws into your cabinets. These towel bars will help clean your counters free of towels and help the towels dry quicker. The bars are made of plastic and stainless steel, complementing most kitchen designs.

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  1. […] You might also like: 7 Dollar Store Items Can Help Organize Your Home […]

  2. […] You might also like: 7 Dollar Store Items Can Help Organize Your Home […]

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