5 Weekend Projects that Can Give Your Home a Wow Factor

5 Weekend Projects Can Give Your Home the “WOW!” Factor

Pride of home ownership is a real thing. Symbolic of the American Dream, it’s also usually the terms under which you can truly make a house into your own unique home, changing anything you want and infusing your tastes and preferences throughout the home’s structure, design and décor.

Turn Your New House Into a Home with 5 Weekend Projects

Many home owners want to put their own signature style on statement pieces and rooms, but find that time and cost can be prohibitive. But adding the “Wow!” factor to your house need not require the investment of weeks – or even days and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Today, there are fast, low-cost DIY (do it yourself) home decorating and design ideas galore, satisfying even the most dedicated DIY-enthusiast’s desire for home decorating ideas. With that in mind, here are five specific weekend projects – low-cost DIY home makeover ideas – that will allow you to unleash your inner DIY weekend project creative side.

Unleash your Inner DIY Home Decorator with these 5 Weekend Projects

1. Front Porch Makeover

As weekend projects go, this one doesn’t have to take much time and it doesn’t have to cost very much – or even cost anything, depending on which route you take. We found a list of six DIY front porch makeover ideas on the blog at Soundbuilt Homes, a western Washington home builder with more than 35 years’ experience building new homes in King, Pierce, and Thurston counties. From stenciling your own welcome mat to repurposing common household items into planters and front door non-wreath wreaths, you are sure to find a project in the more than 30 photos included in the article.

2. Outdoor Living

BullfrogSpas.com listed outdoor living spaces as one of the top 3 wants of both average and high end luxury and executive home buyers, including a stat from Realtor.com’s Home Crush which found that 54% of women and 46% of men who said that outdoor living spaces made them “fall in love” with a property (more than any other feature, for either gender). Outdoor living has been part of the Pacific Northwest home buyers wish list forever, thanks to our moderate temperatures and relatively bug free climate!

Less is more, except when more is more. There are 70 DIY outdoor weekend projectsfor people who want to update their outdoor living spaces to make them fun, inviting, engaging and a place for everyone in the household to enjoy in a curated blog post at DIYnCrafts.com.

3. Powder Room Vanity Swap

Upgrading to a unique, custom vanity and vessel sink in the powder room adds instant flair. Stand-alone powder room vanities can take any bathroom from stock and standard to stunning and custom. What’s more, many people are even going the DIY route, repurposing old dressers and nightstands which can also help make this a low-cost makeover for your home.

4. Windows

From adding shutters and window boxes to your home’s exterior to creative solutions for window coverings inside, there are many ways to channel your inner creative in DIY weekend projects for windows. As always, Pinterest is the DIY home decorator’s go to, with enough non-traditional window treatment ideas to keep you busy for dozens of weekends.

5. Foyer Formation

Your home’s front porch is the first impression neighbors, loved ones, friends and other guests have of your home, but your foyer is the first thing they see when they walk inside. Even a small space foyer can be home to a vignette that repurposes your favorite artwork, furniture, mirror, books or provides a place for people to leave bags, coats, shoes and their worries behind. Once again, Pinterest has enough ideas to inspire your DIY weekend projects for a long, long time when it comes to creative DIY foyer vignettes that make your home’s style stand out from the rest.

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  1. […] You might also like: 5 Weekend Projects That Can Give Your Home a WOW! Factor […]

  2. […] You might also like: 5 Weekend Projects Can Give Your Home a “Wow!” Factor […]

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