6 Ways to Stay Cool in Your Home This Summer Without Air Conditioning

6 Ways to Stay Cool in Your Home This Summer Without Air Conditioning

Seattle isn’t known for its summer heat but there are many days when the thermostat goes above 80 in the Puget Sound. It’s also true that many homes in the Puget Sound region don’t have air conditioning. For those days when the heat feels overwhelming, it can help if you have a plan for staying cool in your home. Even if you have air conditioning in your home, you may not want to rack up your energy bill by having it on 24/7. Here are six ways to stay cool in your home this summer without using air conditioning.

No Air Conditioning? No Problem! 6 Ways to Stay Cool

Box fans, window fans

Fans are a wonderful invention that keep the air in your home moving around. Whether you use standing fans, box fans, window fans, or ceiling fans, be sure to utilize these during the warm days of the summer. Turning a window fan on in the morning will get the air moving in your home before the heat arrives. Turning a window fan on at night will blow the cool air from outside, into your home. Box/window fans can be purchased at a very low cost at a variety of home/hardware stores, as well as on Amazon.

Open windows

I know this seems like a no brainer, but opening up windows earlier in the day rather than later will keep your home cooler throughout the day. If the forecast says the day is set to reach 91 degrees, keep your windows open starting from the moment you wake up. Keeping your windows open upstairs is especially important since heat rises, and a warm upstairs can make it really uncomfortable to sleep in your room.

Make sweet cold treats

On a really warm day, a nice cold treat sounds like just the ticket. HGTV & Pinterest often share recipes that infuse refreshing drinks into frozen or icy forms. A classic is simply pouring your favorite juice into an ice tray with a popsicle stick coming out the top and freezing until it hardens. This allows you to have a taste of a refreshing treat when you’re heating up in your home.

Get out and about

When your home is just too hot, it encourages you to get out and about! Visit a local place that you’ve been wanting to visit but haven’t found the time to go. Most public places have air conditioning and will feel really nice coming from a warm house. This is a good time to visit the library with your kids, pick out a couple books and enjoy family story time in the library. This is also a great time to do errands you didn’t find the time to do. Grocery shopping, getting your pet groomed, or meeting friends is a great way to stay cool while being productive this summer.

Utilize your sprinkler

Remember running through sprinklers when you were a kid? Sprinklers are great for watering lawns, but also great for cooling off on a hot day. Crazy daisy sprinklers whip around in an unpredictable fashion and are great for entertaining and cooling down kids. Sprinklers are also great for your dogs to cool off too. Think about how much fur is on your dog. They are even warmer than you! So next time you are watering your lawn and it’s a warm day, grab your kiddos and furry friends and make it a cool time!

Stay hydrated

On the average summer day, it is recommended to drink 8 cups of water to stay hydrated. If that’s on an average day, think about how much water your body needs to fight the heat. A good way to stay hydrated without thinking too much about it, is purchase a large water bottle. This way you don’t find yourself having to refill it after every other sip. NalgeneHydro Flask, and Camelbak all make large water bottles that will make it easier to drink more water than usual. Another trick is to take the water bottle with you wherever you go. If you are heading to the store to run an errand, take your water bottle along so you can sip in the car.

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  1. […] You might also like: 6 Ways to Stay Cool in Your Home This Summer Without Air Conditioning […]

  2. […] You might also like: 6 Ways to Stay Cool in Your Home This Summer Without Air Conditioning […]

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