Featured Local Small Business  - Tacoma Chiropractic Health and Massage Center

Community Small Business Spotlight – Tacoma Chiropractic Health and Massage Center

A Fairway interviewer sat down with Tacoma Chiropractic Health and Massage Center’s lead chiropractor, Dr. Aaron Toler, to talk about the importance of chiropractic health in business professionals.

Featured Local Small Business  – Tacoma Chiropractic Health and Massage Center

Interviewer: Tell me about your business.

Aaron Toler: At Tacoma Chiropractic Health and Massage Center, our goal is to educate our patients on how they can create/maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are in and out of the office. We are located downtown Tacoma, and have worked with nearly 100 different businesses in the Tacoma-Seattle area.

I: What goes into maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

AT: Business professionals typically spend a majority of their work day sitting on a computer looking at a screen. By doing this, these people are putting pressure on their nerves and this can cause neck/spine/and back pain. So, we help them discover ways to work ergonomically and find ways to move every hour.

This could be suggestions such as buying an ergonomic standing desk, taking a water break every hour, etc. Additionally, positive health is more than just physical health. Positive health includes mental and spiritual health as well. Stress is the #1 thing that causes pain.

I: What kind of stress are you referring to?

AT: Stress on your body could be chemical stress, physical stress, and/or emotional stress. For example, if a patient tells me they drink three cups of coffee a day without much water intake, that could be a large reason their body is feeling stress. Instead of focusing on what they shouldn’t do (i.e. stop drinking coffee), we focus on what they should do (i.e. supplement the coffee with an increase of water per day).

All three types of stress could also effect sleep patterns. If a patient isn’t sleeping well, their body is not resting as much as it should. Overall if a patient feels better, they’re able to work better. At their job, and when they’re not working.

I: What does the process look like for business professionals to start chiropractic sessions?

AT: First, we recommend that they attend one of our classes that we teach on Tuesday nights. This way they can evaluate what they do/don’t do in their lives and bring it to the consultation. It also serves a way to communicate nutrition and healthy work habits. Then we would evaluate their spine and nervous system. From there we would recommend a frequency of sessions.

I: How long have you been working with the Fornerette Team and Fairway?

AT: I’ve known Michael Fornerette for years. We are able to work with many different types of businesses to offer education to their teams as well as services. If this is something other Tacoma businesses want to offer to their teams, we would love to work together on a program that would enhance the health and well-being of their employees.

For more information on Dr. Aaron Toler and the Tacoma Chiropractic Health and Massage Center, visit www.tacomachiropractic.net.

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