Real Estate Reality TV Myths

Real Estate Reality TV Myths

We all love watching a good HGTV show, where we can critique houses, find inspiration in décor, and learn about the home buying process. But these shows aren’t the most realistic when it comes to timelines, processes, and overcoming hurdles. Here are 5 real estate reality TV myths explained.

Real Estate Reality TV Myths

Number of homes

Many times, the couples on HGTV shows are presented with 3 houses to choose from. They are then expected to choose their favorite one and that’s the one they move into. But, the home search in real life is much more complicated than that. Rarely will you only look at 3 homes before finding your future home. The average homebuyer tours at least 10 homes before ending their search.

Open houses sell houses, always

The idea that a house always sells after an open house is one of the largest real estate realty tv myths. If this was true there would be a lot more open houses every day, and a lot less real estate marketing online! Open houses are great to give your home some exposure to those buyers in your area who may not have noticed it, but they are only a piece of the overall marketing of your home. Many homes are sold during regular showing appointments as well. Buyers tend to start with an open house, then continue to think about the home, and schedule a showing with their agent.

It takes a 5 minute conversation to sell

While it makes sense on a reality tv show that it only takes a 5 minute conversation to decide to sell, in real life there is a lot more thought put into selling a home. Many sellers put hours and hours of thought into selling their home before making a decision. Finances, goals, jobs, schools, and family are only a few topics that affect the decision to sell.

You always get the house you want

Always getting the home you want is among the largest real estate reality tv myths. If only this were true! This would allow buyers to take their sweet time when choosing a home. Buying a home in real life is a somewhat competitive process. Chances are if you’ve put an offer on a home, a few other couples have as well.

Stress free

The reality of buying or selling a home is that it takes a ton of effort, both physically and emotionally. Of course a TV show wants to portray a stress free and seamless transaction, but the truth of the matter is that buying or selling your home is a large and somewhat complicated process that has to do a lot with timing and the stage of your life.

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