6 Thoughts that Occur to Home Buyers As Told By Home Buying Memes

When you’re excited but not sure where to start

House buying memes

First things first, get pre-qualified. The last thing you want is to have found a “perfect home” that is out of your budget. Contact your lender and they will help you get pre-qualified using pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, etc.

Once you get your approved maximum loan amount, you can filter homes by price. It can also help you understand that while you are able to afford a $400,000 home, you may not want to do that since it’s at the very top of your approved maximum value and may take away from saving for other things.

Getting pre-approved also takes some time, so you don’t want to have found a great home, then have to wait for a few days to get pre-approved and run the risk that another buyer purchases the home in the meantime.

When you feel like you’re preparing to go to war

House buying memes

House hunting can be stressful and overwhelming, so it’s ok if you don’t feel like you have your ducks in a row from the get go. There is a bunch of research that goes into buying a new home, so prioritizing the top two things for your new home will help you stay focused in the home search.

For example, say location and number of bedrooms is non negotiable for your new home. Maybe you work downtown and have two kids so at least 3 bedrooms is a must. On Redfin and Zillow you are able to filter by location and number of bedrooms so you are only spending your energy looking at the homes that fit your needs.

If you chose to work with a real estate agent, they will also help show you certain homes that fit your criteria. Continuing to narrow your search will help you feel like house hunting is not so much of a war zone.

When you’re looking for some kind of sign

House buying memes

Don’t let listing descriptions be the sole reason you choose a home. Make sure to check out the real estate photos/video on the listing and also read the specs of the home. Real estate photos can tell you a lot since they are capturing a realistic view of the home. If the description reads “CLOSE TO EVERYTHING, THE BEST YARD ON THE BLOCK, HOUSE IS PET FRIENDLY” make sure to take a closer look. What exactly is the home close to? Is it near a bus route or under an hour drive to your work? What do they mean the best yard on the block? Do you want to maintain a large yard? Does pet friendly mean tile floors? These are questions you can answer by using the photos as a tool and mapping the exact location and where it relates to where you need to be.

When pizza is life

House buying memes

While this is enticing, make sure that you like the house well enough before the seller offer’s incentives. Pizza now is great, but what are you going to think about the house after the pizza is gone. In this case, pizza can represent closing costs and other negotiations. If the price is the only thing holding you back from purchasing the house, then you know that negotiations are worthwhile.

When you take the description’s word for it

House buying memes

Even though photos can say a lot about a home, they can be low quality or can be at an angle which raises questions.  If the description of the home interests you, and the photos are pretty clear at showing what the house looks like, schedule a tour so you can see in person what the home would look like if you purchased it. You don’t want to end up with a half bath off the master like the one shown in the photo just because you didn’t schedule a house tour.

When you and your spouse finally agree on a home

House buying memes

Buying a new home can be difficult especially because you and your spouse may have different needs. Maybe he likes to go to the gym so he would like to live close to the gym, and you want a home near a park so you can exercise outside, but the gym and park are on opposite sides of town. Sacrifices will have to be made so both you and your spouse can agree on a home. Once you two do agree, you are that much closer to purchasing your new home!

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