7 Beaches in Western Washington You Must See

7 Beaches to Explore in Western Washington

When you think of Washington State, I bet a warm sandy beach is not the first thing to pop into your head. Western Washington is known for its lush wild life and mountains surrounding multiple cities. But it’s also known for water. Commencement Bay, Lake Washington, and the Pacific Ocean are only a few bodies of water that impact Western Washington. When you have these large bodies of water you’re bound to find beaches nearby. As the warm weather approaches, take time to explore these seven beaches Western Washington has to offer.

7 Western Washington Beaches Local Home Owners Love

Alki Beach, Seattle, WA

Arguably one of the “beachiest” beaches in Washington state, Alki Beach is a long beach strip stretching two and a half miles from Alki Point to Duwamish Head on Elliott Bay. This popular beach offers salt water, bungalows, fine grains of sand, and unique local restaurants. In the summer you will find volleyball players, sun tanners, and tourists looking to see an exquisite view of the city. While most beaches in Washington are rocky, Alki allows its visitors to feel the sand between their toes.

Shi Shi BeachClallam Bay, WA

Unlike most beaches where you are able to drive up and park, Shi Shi Beach requires it’s visitors to hike up to the destination. At 8 miles round trip, the views at the top are worth the hike. You’ll find some travelers pack for an overnight stay on the beach. There are no cabins, campsites, or bathrooms, it’s just you and the Pacific Ocean. Spending a few days enjoying the crashing waves will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time.

Long BeachLong Beach, WA

The Long Beach Peninsula stretches 28 miles and attracts horseback riders, sand castle builders, and bike riders. Many tourists visit this beach to witness the truly unforgettable sunset during the summer months. There is also an impressive board walk that gives the beach that “beach town” vibe. If you’re looking for a beautiful location where you can take long walks on the beach, Long Beach is your answer.

Jetty IslandEverett, WA

A great beach for swimming, Jetty Island holds some of the warmest water in the state. When you park, you are required to take a short, inexpensive ferry over to the island. Make sure to call and reserve a spot on the ferry so you don’t have to wait a couple hours for spot. When the tide is in, you get about ½ mile to shallow swim with kids. When the tide is out, you get a huge sandy area to run and play on.

Point No PointKitsap, WA

Situated on the northeast part of the Kitsap Peninsula, Point No Point is a serene place to enjoy seal watching and checking out unique drift wood figures. Visitors are able to rent out the iconic lighthouse keeper’s corners and stay overnight. Make sure to stop in early as there is limited parking at Point No Point. On a clear day, you’ll have views of Whidbey Island, Mt. Rainier, and boat traffic in the midst.

Penrose PointLakebay, WA

Penrose is a great place for clam and oyster digging. Bring a bucket for each family member and have yourself an awesome day on the water. This park is very clean and great for picnics and overnight camping. On a windy day you’ll find kinds and adults alike flying kites and enjoying the low tide. Be sure to buy a Discover Pass before you go, Penrose requires a Pass for all of it’s visitors.

Fort WordenPort Townsend, WA

A very well preserved naval base, Fort Worden offers a great educational center for those who enjoy learning about arts and culture. There are houses you can rent so you can relax with family during your time at Fort Worden. Play on the private beach in the morning, hike the trails in the afternoon, and build a campfire on the beach at night. However you spend your time here, you will be sure to learn about the beautiful and historic surroundings.

While Washington isn’t known for it’s beaches, there are many types of beaches to fit everyone’s lifestyles. If you like beachy beaches, check out Alki Beach in Seattle. If you like hiking to reach a beach, check out Shi Shi Beach. If you like clam and oyster digging, check out Penrose Point. Whatever kind of beach you like, you’ll find it in Washington, you just might have to look for it.

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