6 Wine Cork Projects for Home Decorating DIYers

6 Wine Cork Projects for Home Decorating DIYers

If you’re an avid wine drinker, you’ve likely popped your fair share of wine corks, but tossing them aside doesn’t have to be a certainty. Wine corks can be repurposed as practical items that decorate and declutter your home while adding a personalized touch. Take a look at six wine cork projects for home decorating DIYers.

Home Decorating DIYers Love these 6 Wine Cork Projects


This is one of the wine cork projects your kids will love. Simply take a cork and a carving knife and carve a shape into the bottom of the cork. Hearts, circles, swirls, anything! Once you have completed the shape, dip the stamp into an ink pad and watch your stationary brighten up in front of your eyes. These stamps are great to use in the classroom and also at your home stationary room. You can also carve letters in the bottom of the corks and create your initials. This could come in handy to personalize wedding invitations or thank you notes.

Jewelry holders

Say goodbye to tangled necklaces and lost earrings, corks can help you organize you jewelry using minimal space. To make the jewelry board, you’ll need a 2 x 4 piece of wood, corks and hot glue. Think about how many dividers you want on the board, this depends on how much jewelry you plan to hang, and hot glue the corks equidistant on the board. Once you’ve glued each cork on the board, hang the board on the wall and start organizing. If you have a ton of necklaces, you can also add nails to the cork to act as separators. These corks also work to hold your earrings if you tend to lose one of the pair.

Bulletin boards

The fun thing about making cork bulletin boards is that no cork board will be the same. This specific cork board is comprised of the memories you had while drinking the wine. One you insert the corks into the frame of the cork board you can start pinning business cards, to-do’s, keychains, calendars, and photos on the board. To decorate even further, you can paint designs on the corks to give the board a portrait effect as well as being practical.

Name card holders

Rustic weddings are becoming more and more popular. A great way to tie in a rustic brown and wood like material is to incorporate corks into the wedding. Cork name card holders are stylish and simple to make. Just cut a slit into each cork about halfway through the cork and insert the name card. These corks serve not only as unique ways to display name cards but they are also a cool souvenir for your guests to take home.


A cork frame is the perfect touch to the wine area of your home. Whether it’s above your wine credenza or on the wall in your cellar, it’s a stylish and fitting addition. Take your collection of corks and hot glue them together and on top of the picture, canvas, or mirror that you are wanting to decorate. To create even more depth to the frame, you can add layers on top of the base layer to make the frame stand out in the room. The fun part about using a mirror is that it adds even more dimension to frame as you can see the reflection of the corks in the mirror.

Earbud holder

When you’re on the go and you need to find your earbuds for a call, the last thing you want to do is to have to untangle your earbuds. By carving a rectangle on opposite horizontal sides of a cork, it prevents the ear buds from becoming loose and more likely to get tangled. This will save you time and frustration when trying to grab your earbuds on the go. This will also add to the life of the earbuds given that they aren’t being folded too tightly over and over again.

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6 DIY Decorating Wine Cork Projects

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