10 DIY Ideas for Designer School Supplies

10 DIY Ideas for Designer School Supplies

It can be a bit sad when summer starts to wind down, and school quickly approaches. But, instead of dreading it, start to look forward to all of the great DIY school supplies that will make your student stand out with adorable organizers, book covers, and more! Check out the top 10 DIY school supplies for this year.

Dazzle at Back-to-School with 10 DIY Designer School Supplies

Dress up pencils with washi tape and paint

school supplies - decorated pencilsA yellow Ticonderoga pencil is about as boring as it gets when it comes to school supplies, so dress up your student’s pencils with washi tape and paint! Washi paint is skinny patterned tape that can turn a pencil from drab to fab. Simply wrap the washi paint around the pencil to complete the transformation.

Another way to completely transform a yellow pencil is to spray paint it white, and paint patterns onto the pencil. The advantage to washi tape and paint is that when your student needs to sharpen their pencil, it will sharpen like a normal pencil without clogging up the sharpener.

DIY mouse pad

Your student may spend hours and hours working on essays and online assignments, so spruce up their work space with a fun and personal mousepad. All you’ll need is a cork round, mod podge, a piece of fabric, scissors, and a sponge brush. Cut the fabric into a circle and spread mod podge with the sponge brush onto the cork round. Apply the fabric onto the cork round and let dry overnight. Voila, you have a personalized mouse pad!

Clipboard makeover

school supplies clipboards

A very easy way to turn a brown clipboard into a statement piece, making it the superstar in your school supplies line up. All you need is alphabet stickers! Once you find your favorite colorful stickers, spell out a phrase or motivational quote and you have a fun clipboard.


Fashionable book covers

As fun as a calculus book is to read, it’d be even more fun to read when it’s decorated with a colorful paper cover! You’ll need a few colors of construction paper, scissors, needle and thread, and stencils. Lay the book open so it stretches along the piece of paper. Fold the ends of the paper over the front and back cover of the book. Make a crease. Take the book out and sew the edges of the paper, sealing both sides but leaving the inside open for the covers to slide in. Take a few stencils and decorate the front of the book!

DIY locker magnets

The best way to dress up a locker and to make it your child’s own, is to decorate the inside! Hanging photos and notes is a great way to do so. And in order to hang these item’s you’ll need bottle caps, hot glue, magnets, and nail polish. Hot glue the magnet onto the inside of the bottle cap. Once the magnet has dried, paint the bottle cap white so you have a blank canvas to paint dots, stars, letters or other kinds of decorations on the magnets. Once dried, your student will have a set of fun locker magnets!

Marble pencil holder

If your student likes marble countertops, encourage them to make a marble pencil holder! You’ll need a soup can, mod podge, marble paper, and scissors. Cut the marble paper so it fits all the way around the can. Mod podge the piece of marble paper around the can and let dry for 30 mins. A pencil holder has never looked so chic!

Shaped paper clips

Oddly enough, it’s easy to bend paper clips into different shapes, all of which still hold paper. So grab your favorite colored paper clips, bend them into hearts, triangle and circles and continue to hold paper together, just this time with different shapes.

Chalkboard placemats

If your child is jumping into learning about the alphabet, help them out by encouraging writing at home! Take a piece of cardboard, cover it with blackboard paint, and watch your child write sentences at the table.

Backpack tags

Chances are your child is not the only one with their backpack, and that’s OK! But to eliminate chances of your child’s backpack being swooped up by another kid, make a personalized name card that helps distinguish their bag. It’s as simple as taking a name tag sleeve, creating a personalized piece of construction paper, and tying to your child’s bag with a ribbon.

Pipe cleaner pencil toppers

A great way to make using a pencil fun! The best part is you can use these toppers over and over again. All you’ll need is pipe cleaners to bend into a shape of an animal or shape, and googly eyes to help bring the creating to life.


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